Frequently Asked Questions
Let God’s Word come alive in Our Land !

Q.1. What does make NCB special and unique among other Bibles?
A.1. There are many special features in this unique Bible. It has a parallel commentary on the text on each page. The commentaries are prepared by the best bible scholars of India. It has many parallel references to Indian traditions and scriptures of other faiths. Click here to see Special Features

Q.2. What about the text? Who has done the translation?
A.2. The NCB is only a revised edition of the popular Christian Community Bible translated by late Bernardo Hurault.

Q.3. How far is the text faithful to the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts?
A.3. The text of the NCB is indeed faithful to the original manuscripts. The sectional introductions, introductions to the individual Books, the structure of the Books and the sub-titles will enable the reader better understand the Word of God.

Q. 4. How many years has it taken to realize this Bible project?
A. 4. The work was started in 1991, it went through many hurdles and setbacks, but finally it was completed in 2007. So it took 16 years to complete it.

Q.5. Does this edition include the Deuterocanonical books/Apocrypha?
A. 5. Yes. It includes the Deutrocannonical/Apocrypha books.

Q.6. Where can we buy NCB from?
A.6. The NCB is available at all the St Pauls, Pauline Book/Media centres. It is available also in all the leading Catholic book shops in the country.

Q. 7. Please let me know the price.
A. 7. It is priced at Rs 250.00. For discounts for the wholesale dealers please contact our marketing division.